This is what I've gotten so far for Ms. Nola Bell! If you haven't heard me talk about this on the radio, here are the deets. As many of you know, I actually live in Gurdon, Ark., about an hour away from Texarkana towards Little Rock.

Ms. Nola Bell is a precious lady that blesses my heart so much. She is a retired school teacher, never married, no kids and her only brother lives a state away. One day she and I were talking about Christmas and she shared that her and her brother stopped exchanging gifts a few years ago and that she really missed it sometimes. It broke my heart! So I have started a Christmas Card campaign to brighten her holiday!

You can join in the fun and it only costs you a stamp! I'm going to give her the cards next week, I'd love to give her one from you! Send it to:

Ms. Nola Bell
C/O Pizza Barn
302 N. Elm
Gurdon, AR 71743

Thank you so much to everyone that already sent a card! I promise to post pictures and hopefully video of when we present them to her!
Much love,
Kendra :)