I don't about you but I sure do love me some great Mexican food. Cinco De Mayo is Saturday (5/5) and growing up I can always remember the great homemade hot tamales my mother used to make.  A family recipe that was handed down by my grandfather years ago.I used to watch my mom for hours mix all the special ingredients that went into making the perfect hot tamale. Not only did you have to prep for everything including the corn shucks but she had to make sure the seasoning was just right or they could come out soggy. Talk about a back breaking process, I can remember my mom standing on her feet making dozens of tamales for family and friends. There was a lot of love that when into making them but the reward was well worth it. To this day, I have never found a tamale that even comes close to what her tamales tasted like.  Over the years she made dozens of hot tamales and gave them away for presents at Christmas and hot tamales were always on the menu during the holidays.

So I guess with Cinco De Mayo it makes me remember some good memories and makes me realize just how much I miss my Mom and her hot tamales. And for the Best Tacos in town see this!

And for those of you who are not really sure what the Cinco De Mayo celebration is all about check this out from YouTube.

Here's some great food ideas for the holiday.