This past Tuesday night, Arkansas side officials held a public hearing to discuss train noise along highway 67. In attendance, city officials along with representatives of Union Pacific and eight concerned citizens discussed solutions to the problem.

Tim Boyle/Getty Images

I have a solution. Sell your property and move. You could always try spending some money for better insulation, etc to help quiet the noise. Here's the deal, you purchased homes next to railroad tracks that have been there for YEARS. You knew they were there when you purchased the property. You paid less money for your property because of that fact. Now you want the city to spend money due to the noise?

Sigh. What do you think? Am I the only insensitive jerk in town that says the city should tell these residents "sorry, we sympathize with you, but spending money to fix this problem is not an option. Here's a catalog for insulation and sound proofing materials."