While we don’t know a lot details about this weekend’s wedding between Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, we do know that it will take place Saturday in Texas and Neal McCoy will entertain at the reception. Blake has confirmed there will be a honeymoon, but won’t give any details. He says all the secrecy surrounding the big day is for good reason. ” Earlier this week, Blake seemed to be taking care of the legal part of the wedding, as he posted a picture on Twitter of a Texas “Certificate of Marriage”. He followed that post up with a picture of the “Death Certificate Applications”.

Blake did go on record to say that when the record company said don't say anything, he didn't take it to serious. He said it's a different story, when Miranda says it because he knows the consequences.

All I can say to that is, don't wind up in the dog house before the wedding even starts.

Are you happy for Blake and Miranda?