I was going thru my email, and came across a newsletter with a link to a story about "The Top 7 Dog Songs"... I am a "Dog Person".  Fact of business, my best good friend is a dog.  So, I had to check out the list.  A couple of them were alright, but a few were just silly to me.  Then I started thinking about "Dog Songs", and realized that 7 is a pretty small number.  Here are a few that I came up with... so I know you can name a lot more!  Leave a comment at the bottom of this post, and tell us about your favorite "Dog Songs".

1.)   Old Dogs and Children, and Watermelon Wine / Tom T. Hall

2.)   Feed Jake / Pirates of the Mississippi

3.)   Queenie's Song / Terry Allen

4.)   Gypsy, Joe, and Me / Dolly Parton

5.)   Little Joe / Red Sovine

6.)   Della and the Dealer / Hoyt Axton

7.)   I'll Take The Dog / Jean Sheppard & Ray Pillow

8.)   Move It On Over / Hank Williams

9.)   Old Shep / Johnny Cash

10.) Ole Red / Blake Shelton

I know that you can think of more... Leave a comment and tell us your favorite "Dog Song".