I guess you can say when Craig Morgan is not singing, he's saving lives. Morgan didn't hesitate to help out victims of a car accident in Humphreys County, Tenn. on Sunday (June 9).

Morgan, put his trained EMT skills to work when he came upon a crash involving three tractor trailers on I-40 in Humphreys County. He was traveling back from a show in Texas and his bus was just a quarter-mile away when the accident happened.

Morgan helped emergency responders, extinguishing a small fire and caring for the drivers of the vehicles. In addition,  two of Craig Morgan's crew members, Jerry Hines and Joey Greer, ran to the scene to help too. Luckily, the people involved in the accident came away with only minor injuries.

"He responded and did exactly what he had been taught to do and was a huge help," Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis told News Channel 5. "This is just another example of the kind of guy he is, he loves doing things for others."

This wasn't the only time that Morgan a former war veteran performed an heroic act, a few years ago Morgan was credited for pulling two children out of a burning home and extinguishing a fire.

Sounds like we need to give Craig a red cape!