Is your teenager spending too much time on social networks? Maybe you should do what one father is doing to his 14-year-old daughter to break the habit. Paul Baier said he will pay his teenage daughter $200 if she stays off Facebook for five months.Rachel Baier is a high school student from Wellesley, Mass. This shouldn't be too hard since it was her idea to begin with. The only stipulation is that Baier has to give her dad access to her Facebook account and permission to change her password in order to avoid reactivation. It's just a way for dad to see if she is keeping up with her end of the bargain. If successful, the teenager will receive $50 in April and $150 in June for a total of $200.

Her father says, "I've realized that she is part of a generation of kids that has grown up on Facebook. She's been on it for two years full time. This is two years of 24/7 teen discussion of friends, clothes, parties, etc. They can't get away from it. I'm proud she recognized the benefit of a hiatus. She plans to go on using it after the contract ends."

Paul, who is the vice-president for a Boston energy firm, posted a photo of the signed agreement.

Would you pay your teenager $200 to stay off Facebook?