As disheartened as I've been about the Hogs disappointing season, I think I'm more upset over these horrible uniforms.

I can't stand them. The red ones make it look like the players are sweating. The numbers are dark on the bottom and hard to see even from a few feet away. The uniforms the team has worn the past two weeks makes the Hogs look like a Conference USA team.

I'm really hoping our new coach brings back the traditional uniforms next season. Burn these uniforms please!!

Dennis Johnson... Anthracite (charcoal, ugh) uniforms. You can't even read the name on the back of the jersey.
Dennis Johnson, White uniform and helmet. The Nike Swoosh stands out more than the Hog on the helmet. Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
DJ in traditional uniform. Now THAT'S better! Wesley Hitt/Getty Sport
This is the way the Hogs should look on the road. Wesley Hitt/Getty Images