As we know the countdown is on for Country Music's couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert this weekend in Miranda's home state of Texas. And there is no secret that the couple are avid hunters when their not performing on stage.I saw an article on Country Weekly.Com that shows a photo of freshly wrapped deer cutlets with a caption that Miranda tweeted that said: "Last thing loaded for the wedding!!! Harvested!!!

There probably aren't too many weddings where guests dine on a deer that was freshly killed by the bride. Surely, this is their private stash and Miranda is joking a bit but you never know. After reading a few articles, I think this wedding is going to reflect who they are as a couple. Maybe a little more Countryfied, so anything is possible especially with Blake's sense of humor.

Blake would more than likely say: I got my 2 legged DEAR now bring on the deer cutlets!!!