So there was a prop in the bull-riding arena that had a mask of Obama on it, big deal. Leave the rodeo clown alone. Let me share what I think about the whole thing.

(It's pretty re-gott-dang-diculous that this is "news" in the first place. So before I start complaining about it, let me say I make fun of Democrat, Republican, and other idiots on a regular basis, and it is mostly about the people and not their "party".)

The Obama party has their panties in a bunch, and numerous "news" articles and blog posts share some video of this "Rodeo Clown Incident" saying the clown wore the mask and stuck a broom stick up his ass. Idiots. It was a PROP. The broomstick was to keep the stupid scarecrow standing. Here's video of the main parts that the Obamanites are butt-hurt over...

(In fairness, the rodeo dummy, did make a pretty good president by comparison.)

I don't know what the clown's real name is, I don't even care, but I know as an entertainer he is constantly trying to come up with comedy bits, and stunts to keep the crowd entertained. He went political, and at a time when Obama is admittedly tampering with the Constitution. That may not have been smart, especially making it such a big part of the act for the length of the bull-fighting segment of the rodeo. Was his bit as funny as the things my "Rodeo Clown" hero Lecile Harris would use? I don't think so, but then again, I know old Lecile came up with some lines that resulted in more than a few groans.

The Missouri State Fair officials have banned this "clown" for life behind all of this. Idiots. They have also ordered the other "clowns to sensitivity training.... for "CLOWNS". The Department of Justice is getting involved. Idiots. (Somebody let these clowns know, that their ain't no real cowboys in Missouri anyway. They have more meth labs than working cattle operations.)

My opinion means nothing. I just think it is a big to-do about nothing. I never saw this big of a deal made when other effigies of presidents were burned, or when Patrick Swayze robbed a bank in a Ronald Reagan Mask in Point Break.

Now, out here where the metal meets the meat, rodeo clowns WORK. There are lots of cowboys that will scrap with you for their bullfighters just as hard as those same "clowns" will fight bulls for them...

Funny, or not... If you believe in your right to "free speech", whether if is about religion or politics, or whatever, this "clown" deserves your support. If you think his comedy sucked, leave him alone. It's that simple.

Don't forget... the guy is a "CLOWN". (I bet he even puts it on his business cards.)