Marilyn Monroe sang it best, diamonds are a girl's best friend! Diamonds are the ultimate bling and their beauty captivates me.    

Christmas is a popular time of year for a man to bend down on one knee and ask his one true love's hand in marriage. When my husband proposed to me back in 1994 on New Year's Eve, he proposed with an emerald ring, saying that we should pick out the diamond together because I'd be wearing it for a very long time!

After we picked out the ring, I remember sitting in church with my parents and constantly looking at how the diamond caught the light and sparkled. I wouldn't be surprised if my mother got tired of hearing me say "Look at my ring! Oh, watch how the diamond sparkles in this light!" It still amazes me how beautiful it is.

I also wear my grandmother's engagement ring. It's priceless to me. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of my grandparents and their love for each other. I think about how my grandfather had to save up his money. I imagine him picking out the ring and putting it on my grandmother's finger so many years ago.

I'm obviously not the only one who finds diamonds captivating. For centuries diamonds have held a special mystique. They were once thought to be pieces of stars that fell to earth or tear drops from the gods.

In the 15th century only Kings wore diamonds as a symbol of strength, courage and invincibility. Over the centuries, the history of diamonds acquired unique status as the ultimate gift of love. It was said that cupids' arrows were tipped with diamonds that have a magic that nothing else can equal. Since the creation of diamonds they have been associated with romance and legend. The Greeks believed the fire in the diamond reflected the constant flame of love.

As far as diamond engagement rings?  We can thank the Archduke Maximilian of Austria! Back In 1477 gave a diamond engagement to Mary of Burgundy. It must have made all her friends drool with envy, because soon it became a tradition at least with the very wealthy.

Diamonds are rare, but last forever. They can be handed down from generation to generation in rings and pendents as family heirlooms. It's no wonder why we still are memorized by the sparkle and beauty of diamonds.

There are so many different cuts, shapes and qualities of diamonds that it can get confusing! The cut, the clarity, even the color! You can get a little education on these beautiful gems at Parks Diamond Jewelers.