Neil Young quoted the "Pistol Annies" in his new book, and the girls freaked out, and almost pee'd their pants.

We all appreciate hearing that someone likes what we do, but it means even more to you if it comes from someone that you really respect.

Neil has a new book out titled "Waging Heavy Peace: A Hippy Dream", and there is a passage in the book where he quotes the Pistol Annies song "Hell on Heels".

In his book he wrote,

I heard the Pistol Annies sing about reasons why they're broke and so who would invest in their future? One's drinkin', one's smokin', one's taking pills. Well, they are writing their asses off. I know that."

When the girls found out about it, Angaleena Presley tweeted...


Then the band added this to their twitter feed...