With songs like "5150", and "Sideways" you know Dierks Bentley has done a little partying on the road, but lately he has cut back on the party, and has matured as a performer, and now folks are throwing "Granny Panties" on stage.

Dierks recently talked with CountryWeekly.com about his appreciation for "spirits", but that he has learned to not let alcohol interfere with the "show".

It wasn't always like that for Dierks, discussing his early days on the road with CountryWeekly.com he said,

There were times when I was touring with Cross Canadian Ragweed... there were shows that ended poorly, I'm sure. When you have 10 or 11 Jäger Bombs during your show, it's probably not going to end gracefully."

So Dierks now gets drunk off of a good solid performance, at least until after the encore.

At a recent show, a fan threw some "granny panties" up on the stage and Dierks had to tweet a pic...

"...and zero shot!  Don't ask...!!  Still confused myself..." (???... Ummm, I don't get it either.)