I've always been curious and intrigued by some artist as to why they have a pre-show ritual they do before they go on stage. Meaning if they don't do these certain things before they go on, the show could be a disaster.

Dierks Bentley talks about his pre-show rituals in a new episode of the online web-video series, Jäger TV. Dierks says he duct-tapes his boots up before each show to keep them tight on his feet. He also says the band huddles up for prayer each night. The country star adds that it’s common for the band to have a “shot of something special to drink” before heading out on stage too.

The Jägermeister Country Tour, featuring Dierks, Josh Thompson and Miss Willie Brown wraps up this Friday night in Norfolk, Virginia.


(you tube video by:icecoldjager)