There are number of people who really believe our Government faked the whole "putting a man on the moon" thing in 1969, are you among them? Maybe this will help.

The problem with conspiracies once you get caught up in the mindset you start seeing them everywhere, once you've reached that point you may be too far gone to pull you back into reality. But for the sake of the following video I hope you still have your big tow safely in the calming waters of truth. Because the truth in this case is, we didn't actually have the technology to fake the moon landings back then. At least not and have them come out looking the way they looked on TV.

The guy doing this video is kinda boring, but he makes his point very well. Watch and you'll see what I mean.

And just for good measure if you haven't seen the whole episode of Mythbusters when they debunked much of the so-called 'evidence' then please go and watch that too. Below are a couple of clips from that show. Really, it's for your own good.

Luv ya, mean it!