The tornados that hit the U.S. in the past couple months have led to so many tragic stories, it's almost hard to keep track.  This one's a reminder that sometimes amazing things can happen in the face of disaster.

Back on April 27th, a tornado hit Birmingham, Alabama.  A dog named Mason, who's a terrier mix, was outdoors when it hit... and he was BLOWN AWAY in the storm.

His owners searched for him everywhere but couldn't find him.  Their house was destroyed in the storm as well.  (They asked for their names not to be released.)

Twenty-three days later, they went back to look through the debris of their house... and against all odds, Mason SHOWED UP.  He had two broken legs, but had managed to figure out his way home... and dragged himself there.

He had surgery earlier this week to fix his legs and should be able to walk properly again in about six weeks.

(Yahoo News)

(Here's a video showing Mason.)