Earlier this week we shared the info, and the heart-breaking photo of Hawkeye, the dog that was photographed grieving at his owners casket.  Petty Officer 1st Class Jon Tumlinson gave his life in service of our country August 6th in Afghanistan.  At his funeral last week, Tumlinson’s friend Scott Nichols brought Hawkeye to the funeral, and Hawkeye went straight to his owners casket, laid down, and mourned there on that gym floor for the entire service.

People have been wondering, “Now that Hawkeye’s best friend is gone, where will he live?”

Well, he will be going to a good home.  A good home that he knows VERY well.  Hawkeye will be moving in with Tumlinson’s good friend Scott Nichols.  It should be a pretty smooth move, as Hawkeye stayed with Scott, sometimes months at a time, when there friend Tumlinson was on deployment.

Scott is also taking the loss very hard, and I’m thinking this will be really good for both of them.

God bless our troops and ALL of those that love them.