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How many times have you gone into a convenience store for a few minutes and left your purse or wallet in the car? It happens all the time, but you're asking for trouble when you do. On June 8, Texarkana Arkansas Police Officers responded to a local gas station in reference to a theft report. It was reported to police that an individual stopped at the gas station to get fuel. After parking by a gas pump, the victim then exited her vehicle and went inside to pre-pay for her pending fuel purchase. Upon returning to her vehicle, the victim realized her purse was missing from inside.

The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department would like to remind citizens to lock their unattended vehicles while waiting to purchase fuel at local gas stations. Thieves prey on situations such as this where a theft can easily be committed. Even if you are leaving your vehicle unattended for just a few minutes, please keep your vehicle locked and prevent yourself from being a victim of a crime.

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(Source:Kristi Mitchell TAPD)