Ever been at a convenience store or restaurant and the person waiting on you calls you babe or sweetie. Do you like that or does it make you feel a little uncomfortable if you don't know the person?

Earlier this week this topic was trending on Twitter: #dontcallmebabe. The question-Is it alright to call a woman you don't know a pet name. Do you think it's demeaning, or just innocent affection?

A woman named Jo Walters started the firestorm after she called her local bus station in England to let them know she felt uncomfortable with one of their drivers calling her "babe." They agreed to alert the driver. Before she knew it her complaint was plastered all over Facebook and her local radio station started talking about it. She started a hot topic with both sides going after each other.

Maybe it's The receptionist in the office; the woman at the convenience store counter; the guy driving the bus-- do their pet names bug you or do you find them comforting or cute?