I love living in Texarkana, however… we seem to have more than our fair share of bad drivers around here. Which prompted me to write this little article on driving 101.

  • Don’t cut others off because YOU made a mistake.

    Here’s a scenario: You suddenly realize you’re in the right turn only lane when you need to be in the left lane to go straight. Do you a.) Go ahead and turn right and go around the block and try it again or b.) gun it and cut in front of the person who was actually paying attention and knew which lane they needed to be in? The answer is A!! Granted, there are some scenario’s where you could safely (and legally) get into the left lane, but none of these involve cutting someone off.

  • See those solid white or yellow lines? Don’t cross them!

    A solid yellow line means you don't pass. A solid white lane means you stay in the lane you're in. I know, I know; you're in a hurry and have places to go. Well, so does everyone else.

    Flickr User: Cyclelicious
  • Get off my tail!

    Tailgaters are some of the most annoying people on the road. Seriously, can you not tell you’re following too close? A good way to determine if you’re too close to someone or not is the “3 second rule”. When the car in front of you passes a fixed object along the road (sign, mile marker, etc)… slowly count to 3. if you reach the same object before you get to 3, you’re following to close. Back off!

  • Its Called a Turn Signal. Use It!

    I think some people skipped the section in their vehicles manual which explained how the turn signal works. It’s pretty simple really. Flip the lever up to turn right, push it down to turn left. If you’re not sure where to locate the turn signal lever in your vehicle, please refer to the manual which is probably located in your vehicle’s glove box. Remember: the other people on the road can’t read your mind.

    Flickr User: RawMustard