Most of Arkansas is currently under a burn ban, although Miller County has just lifted ours. Despite the rains we've had, the water table is still low and outdoor burning is still not advised. Here are some times if you just have to burn.

If you're going to do any burning please use extreme caution and take steps to limit the possibility of the fire getting away from you.

  • Rake around the burn area.
  • Soak the ground around the burn area thoroughly .
  • Keep a water hose and a bucket or two of water close by at all times.
  • Keep a shovel and garden rake handy in case you need them.
  • Never burn when it's windy.
  • Make sure the area where you are burning is away from trees and if there are trees in the area, make sure limbs aren't hanging directly over the burn area (it's also a good idea to soak down any limbs that may be in close proximity to your burn area).