The world's most famous duck call manufacturers are now winemakers. Well, not exactly but the Duck Commanders teamed up with Trinchero Family Estates to have them produce three specialty wines you're going to love. Triple Threat Red Blend, a Wood Duck Chardonnay and Miss Priss Pink Moscato are the choices. The really cool thing is the bottles come complete with a camouflage label bearing the Duck Commander name.

Willie Robertson said in a press release, “We decided to create Duck Commander Robertson Family wines because we know that many of our customers and our viewers choose to celebrate family moments with wine." Robertson added “The wines are delicious.”

The wines will be available this month just in time for the holidays. And according to PEOPLE the wines will sell for less than $10.

Hey, just wonder if Uncle Si will give up his tea drinking for a little wine. I just know that if you drink too much of the wine you are going to be Happy, Happy Happy!

And while your enjoying your wine during the holidays be sure and pick up a copy of their just released Christmas album "Duck The Halls" a Robertson Family Christmas.

Check out this video.