You know those ads on tv trying to get you to invest in DVD kiosks? Well, that might not be a very wise investment.

Most people realize that, at some point, the DVD will go the way of the Beta or VHS tape, but the end may closer than you think.

Gone are most of the nation's video store chains. Netflix now has twice as many streaming subscribers as DVD subscribers (and that balance is tilting more and more by the day). Now, Verizon Communications and RedBox have announced that they're teaming up to challenge NetFlix with their own streaming video service.

All of this clearly shows that the end is near for the DVD. Personally, I won't miss spending 10 minutes trying to clean up a disk that the kids have gotten fingerprints all over or getting halfway through a movie only to have it start skipping or hanging up.  I sure won't miss having to rush a movie back to RedBox to avoid having to pay for another day! (The kids definitely won't miss me griping at them for ruining yet ANOTHER $20 dvd!)

Do you still rent DVD's?