Alright, did you catch the President's State of the Union address on Tuesday night? Apparently the Eli Young Band paid close attention to details of the message, before toppling over. A recent tweet from the band indicated they turned the 65 minute speech into a drinking game.

“We are playing a State of the Union drinking game: drinking every time Obama gets a round of applause #SOTU #gettindrunkfast,” they tweeted last night. According to the Iowa Republican, the President was interrupted 60 times during his speech. That’s almost a drink every minute! Let's just hope the band has a cure for a hangover.

The band is currently on the road, heading through West Palm Beach, Fla. and Atlanta, Ga. before dates through America’s heartland. They recently celebrated their No. 1 hit ‘Crazy Girl’ at a party in Nashville. ‘Even if It Breaks Your Heart’ is their second single from their ‘Life At Best’ album.

Here's the new music video via Vevo: