Ya gotta love Eric Church! He's a rockin' country party kinda guy, on stage that is! There's something off stage that is keeping him grounded, his 5 month old son, Boone.  When he's performing on stage, he gets the crowd going...but what happens when he walks off the stage?

Lots of diapers! Eric is currently on tour and has brought his wife, Katherine, and Boone on tour with him.

“We were playing South Haven, Mississippi, and we had 10,000 people, and you walk off stage feeling like a rock star,” he said in an interview with the Boot. “I went back up on the bus and Boone had a dirty diaper. I still had my ears [monitors] around my neck, I still had my hat and sunglasses on, and I changed his diaper. I wasn’t four minutes from walking off stage.”

“The funniest thing about it is, I remember when I used to go to shows, and you always wonder what the person you just saw on stage is doing,” he remembered. “You’d be in the parking lot, in traffic, and you’re wondering what they’re doing. If they only knew that I was up there changing a diaper! And Boone didn’t care. He was just laughing the whole time. So, it was a funny, unique moment.”

Church is busy on the road but we'll see him take the stage April 1 at the ACM Awards! His Album Chief is up for Album of the Year and his video for Homeboy is up for Video of the Year!

Oh man! Just the mention of that video, makes me want to see it!! Fingers cross Eric! Hope for some big wins at the ACMs for you!