Does Your Kid Say “What the Frick?”
My stepson says "What the FRICK?!" when he is frustrated about a game he is playing on his tablet. When I heard the word 'frick' I stopped for a second and wondered if that is considered a bad word. What do you think?
Nash Elementary School Creates a Culture of Reading
Most parents and teachers realize that readers are taught rather than born. It isn’t often that you’ll see a child pick up a book on his own when there are so many other activities that he could be doing. That’s why the faculty at Nash Elementary is do…
How Young is Too Young for Facebook? [Poll]
It's a fact, kids want to be on Facebook, at least until they get embarrassed when their parents start tagging them in everything.  Facebook's minimum age is 13 (and of course kids never lie to get one sooner).  How old do you think a child should be before they get a Facebook pr…

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