Have you discovered the new security features in Facebook yet (well, I say they're NEW, but they've actually been in effect for over a year)? My wife discovered them a little over a month ago and now we both have our accounts setup to take advantage of them.

You can access these features by clicking on "account", then "account settings" and then select the "security" tab.

You can elect to be notified (via email or text) when someone tries to access your account from a computer or mobile device that Facebook doesn't recognize.

You can elect to have Facebook ask you to enter a security code anytime you try to login from an unrecognized device.

You can also create app passwords, see a list of devices Facebook recognizes and even look to see which devices are currently logged into your account.

So, if you suspect someone might be trying to snoop on your account, now you can stop them from doing that. If someone tries to hack your account, you'll know about it.

This morning, someone tried to access my account from an unrecognized device. They even went so far as to try to reset my password. Unfortunately for them, each time they tried to login or reset my password the notifications were coming to MY cell phone. So ha! Take that hacker wannabe! Even if someone KNOWS your password, unless they're trying to login from the same computer or mobile device which you access Facebook from you can still keep them from doing it.

I just looked at my "Scott on Kicker" FB page and I need to get busy getting people to LIKE it! 15 people? Really? Lisa has like a bajillion likes on hers!

So, what are you waiting for? LIKE ME! Please.. :)