I’ll be honest. Sometimes it is difficult to know what to feature about a community while tackling new places on our Small Town Tour. That’s why I love our listeners and the members of our online community! When in doubt, they take the reins and give us the scoop!

When I first visited Hooks, Texas, I initially agreed with Teri Collins who said, “It’s a very dinky little town.” After all, as of 2011, the community had 2,777 residents and only covered 2.1 square miles. But when I started digging, I discovered there was more here than meets the eye.

Residents are very proud of their community and although some may crave big city life, others are happy with the status quo. “It’s just close enough to Texarkana to have easy access,” says Cheyene Orr, “but far enough away to be out of all the traffic.”

As I drove from I-30 down Main Street toward Highway 82/Avenue A, I noticed that although the town is smaller than most, the community does feature its share of businesses, like the Fairgrounds Flea Market.

There is also a good variety of restaurants, including resident favorites like Sonic Drive-In and a little mom-and-pop eatery called The Downtowner, which features its daily special out front on a sandwich board. According to Penny Beckham, the Dairy Queen is great too!

But the focal point of many residents’ pride is Hooks High School and the Hooks Hornets! Most folks I met on the street were sure to tell me that Coach Hart Jeanis “has done marvelous things with our team.”

Shawna Ashbrook Pierce says that Hooks has “an awesome school district” and a “great athletic department.”

But for some parents, the best part about sending your kids to school in Hooks is a little more subtle than a great football program. Deborah Annette loves how safe the area is. “My kids don’t have to walk through metal detectors to go to school,” she says. “Not an issue here.”

What is your favorite thing about living in Hooks, Texas? Tell us!