Today (8/16) marks the 35th Anniversary of Elvis Presley's death at Graceland mansion. Hard to believe it's been 35 years since the King of Rock n' Roll has been gone. But being a huge Elvis fan I can still remember that fateful day. I was in my Senior year at Arkansas High and I had just got home from school and turned on the television. I can't recall what I was watching that day but I vividly remember seeing the message scrolling at the bottom of the screen that Elvis was found dead in his home. First, like most people I thought it was some type of sick joke but as I continued to watch, more news starting coming in and I finally realized it was the truth. What made it even worse is that I started to go see Elvis in Shreveport earlier that year but passed up the opportunity thinking, I'll catch him next time he comes around. Unfortunately, that day never came but I can say, that I have some very vague memories of him when he came to the old municipal auditorium in Texarkana at the beginning of his young career.

I was very small but I do remember my parents taking me to see him and my mom talking about his infamous swiveling hips. I can't recall the date but it had to be in the early 60's, I can remember my parents talking about him playing at the Louisiana Hayride, a main staple back in the day for many music legends like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Sr. and many more.

I always felt that a little piece of rock n' roll history died that day but the memories and the legend of Elvis lives on for countless fans and new ones around the world. Yesterday, was a perfect example of those memories in Memphis, Tenn. where Elvis's daughter Lisa Marie and his ex wife Priscilla joined a huge gathering at Graceland. Supposedly, this  was the first time that Lisa and her mom were together publicly for the annual celebration held every year.

I can't help to think that if Elvis were alive today and saw all the people paying him respect he would say "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You very much you're a beautiful audience."

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There are a ton of Elvis impersonators but I found this video footage of Johnny Cash playing like Elvis...Too funny.

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Yes, That's me MARVIS at Sun Studios.