Earlier this week during a staff meeting, the subject of first jobs came up. It was funny to hear the different things everyone did and how much they loved it or hated it!

When I was 15, I started working at a friend's parents french bakery. I worked after school and on Saturdays. I must have had a high metabolism, because OMG all those pastries! Eclairs and Napoleons were my favorite not to mention the fresh french bread and croissants. Even though I loved my job, when I turned sixteen, I had to go where the money was and worked as a checker at a Tom Thumb grocery store. But I'll never forget the fun and the feeling of independence and responsibility when I got my first job.

Jim said his first job was a dishwasher at Steak and Ale in Houston. He was only 14 at the time, but lied about his age to get the job. He said it was the worst job EVER! You're wet all the time. Working with left over food and the abuse from waiters getting bad tips. Luckily he worked his was up the ladder and didn't have to do the dishes for that long. As a result....he hates to do the dishes at his house, but will if he must, but definitely made him a better tipper!

John's first job was at the old drive-in movie theater as ticket taker. Then, he moved to Joy Cinema. Yep, he was the one armed with official movie theater flashlight and made sure no one was sneaking in for a free movie. How fun! Just think movies and popcorn all the time!  I'm sure there was work involved in there somewhere! ;)

What was your first job?