It seems more country stars are getting the acting bug. Tim McGraw next movie is "Tomorrowland" and Carrie Underwood has the feature role in the classic remake "Sound of Music" due out in December on NBC. It was just announced the other day that Craig Morgan has landed a role as a sheriff in an upcoming movie. Jason Aldean hits the big screen in October in a western set in the 1800s "Sweetwater." Aldean makes his acting debut in the movie. And then there's Trace Adkins who I always wanted to see in a cowboy movie. Adkins has landed the lead role in the big-screen adaptation of Owen Wister’s classic novel remake of "The Virginian."

In The Virginian, Trace’s character, “South,” is on the lookout for a group of cattle rustlers, who want to raid the ranch he looks after. I don't think since John Wayne has there been a cowboy in a lead role as tall as the duke but Adkins fits that bill.

The trailer for his upcoming Western flick, The Virginian, has been released. Take a look!