The CMA did one of those "In Your Own Words" segments with the very tasty SUSIE BROWN and DANELLE LEVERETT of THE JANEDEAR GIRLS.  Here's how it came out . . .

Favorite Mode of Transportation:

Danelle and Susie:  "Tour bus."

Favorite Food on the Road:

Susie:  "I love to make fruit smoothies and eat barbecue potato chips and beans."

Danelle:  "Popcorn and green tea."

Song You'd Love to Cover:

Susie:  "'Hit Me with Your Best Shot' by PAT BENATAR or 'Kiss Me' by SIXPENCE NONE THE RICHER."
(That first one isn't too big of a surprise, since the girls recently did a karaoke version of it for Brad Paisley's bachelor party.)

Something We'd Never Guess About You:

Susie:  "I was homecoming queen in my senior year of high school.  And my first kiss was a bet when I was 16 and I won 20 bucks."

Danelle:  "I do not have a TV, microwave, dishwasher or washer/dryer.  My dog Dixie is my best friend.  And I won MVP on my high-school track team competing in hurdles and pole vaulting."
(I have no problem believing that Susie was homecoming queen.)

Song You Wish You'd Written:

Danelle:  "'I Still Have Faith in You' is one of many songs written by TOM DOUGLAS that I love."  (Randy Travis recorded a version for his album "Around The Bend".)