I'm pretty sure the Crocodile Hunter,  the late Steve Irwin, would have advised people not to tackle an alligator, but a 66 year old Florida man did just that.

Screen Shot. Orlando Sentinel Video

While working in his yard last Friday, Steve Gustafson heard a loud yelp and looked up to see his dog, Bounce, being carried off into the water by a seven foot alligator. So, Steve did what probably NONE of us would do, he ran to the waters edge and dove onto the gators back in an attempt to save his best friend.

Gustafson wrestled the gator to the bottom of the pond and was somehow able to push the gator back towards the shore, freeing the scared and injured pooch.

Both Gustafson and Bounce received stitches and are ok.

Here's a link to the video.

I could see myself tackling a gator save my child, but my dog? Don't see that happening. I might throw a rock at it or something. What about you?