Remember the movie "Footloose" that starred Kevin Bacon back in the 80's. How many times did you catch yourself dancing in front of the mirror with big hair with the soundtrack to the movie.Well, country star and former dancing with the star Julianne Hough is really excited about playing in the upcoming movie re-boot of "Footloose". Julianne says not to worry though, because they didn't change too much from the original story. Which I think is a good thing because I've always thought that if you change a classic it better be real good or your going to have some very disappointed fans.

Julianne says this movie will basically be an updated version, in addition Julianne will be starring in another movie with Tom Cruise "Rock Of Ages".

Footloose also stars Dennis Quaid, Kenny Wormald, and is scheduled to be released in October and Rock Of Ages sometime in 2012.

Here's the official trailer from Youtube:

Did you see the original and do you want to see the new movie?