Would you demolish a national treasure?Many of us wouldn't deface or damage historical sites in our favorite park because we want everyone to be able to enjoy their beauty.

However, three men felt that an ancient rock formation in Utah's Goblin Valley State Park was a safety hazard while guiding a group of Boy Scouts.

David Hall and another friend filmed Glenn Taylor pushing over a large boulder which formed the ancient rock formation. The video was uploaded to YouTube accompanied by Mr. Hall singing and giving a play by play account of the demolition. (The video has since been removed.)

The police are trying to decide if Glenn Taylor and his friends should be prosecuted. This is not the only decision weighing in the balance for Mr. Taylor. Apparently, he filed a suit claiming "impairment" and "disability" from a car accident four years ago according to ABC News. The incident could affect the case's outcome. Stay tuned to see how this story turns out!