This Sunday night on CBS starting at 7:00p.m. you can watch the GRAMMY Awards. But will you? 

When the American Music Awards aired recently they suffered a 21% drop in their ratings, the lowest in their history.

Which got me to thinking (I hate it when that happens). Does anybody watch these shows anymore? I have just about lost all interest in any of the award shows. I'm far more concerned with the news of the day and the real problems our nation is facing. The thought of me sitting in front of the tube to watch self-important, so-called actors/musicians/singers get up onstage and tell me what a dolt I am because I still use plastic bags from the grocery store, is just ridiculous. If they're not preaching to me about the environment, they're making an idiot out of themselves some other way, and the next award winner is just trying to outdo the last idiot that was on stage.

I have decided that I usually have better things to do than watch another stinkin' awards show.

How do you feel? If I left your favorite award show off the list below, let me know.