Father's Day is Sunday. Take the time to be with your dad this weekend! I lost my dad back in 1998 and I'd give anything to spend another day with him. He was a big, strong man of few words and he lead our family by example. 

One of my favorite memories is when I was about seven years old and I asked my dad, "What's gambling?" He told me "You take a $20 bill," I'm all wide eyed, thinking "Wow $20? That's a LOT!" Then, he said " You take that $20 and you go to the bathroom and flush it down the toilet." I remember saying "Well that's silly! Why would someone do that?" and he said, "Exactly!"

The funny thing is, anytime I have been in a casino (Which, by the way, I can count on one hand.)  His words ring loud and clear in my head and then I spend maybe $5 max!

What are some words of advice from your dad that you still go by?

We asked that question on the Kicker Facebook page and we got some great responses! Go ahead and add some great advice from your dad!