On our way back from Little Rock this weekend I decided to take a little detour and head over to Hot Springs National Park Arkansas to cool off in a place called Gulpha Gorge.This place has been one of my favorites since coming here with my parents many years ago. It's a camping and picnic area located at the base of the mountainous area just off Highway 70 West. As you walked to the base of the mountain there is a running creek with some really cold water that is so refreshing to sink your feet into after a hot day like yesterday. You can walk farther down the creek and there is actually a swimming hole that many families were enjoying. We didn't bring our swimming wear but it was fun watching the kids skip rocks off the water.

This is another family fun adventure that doesn't cost anything but just your time to enjoy the scenery and the gorge.

Here's a photo and a video from YouTube on how to get to Gulpha Gorge.