After stops in Tulsa and Auburn, Gus Malzahn is returning to Arkansas as a head coach, for the Red Wolves of Arkansas State.

The hiring will be announced at a press conference at 3:30 PM today.  It's being reported that Malzahn is taking a pretty large pay cut to go to Arkansas State. He's currently making 1.3 million per year at Auburn, but his deal at Arkansas State reportedly will only be $850,000.

Despite the pay cut, I think this is a good move for Gus. If he's able to lead the Red Wolves to a couple of 9-10 win seasons, he'll be a hot commodity. His stock fell a little bit this year, I believe, due to how bad Auburn's offense looked without Cam Newton. Not to mention some comments his wife made which went viral where she talked about Lou Holtz's lisp, Michael Dyer's bad attitude and said Auburn's players weren't "the most intelligent people that are out there anyway".