Today (November 17th) is National Unfriend Day! A special day set aside to clean out your Facebook friends list.

Unfortunately, I won't be celebrating this year. My wife and I both had a Facebook housecleaning a couple of months ago where we went though and removed anyone from our friends lists that we either really didn't know or who we felt we shouldn't be talking to (you know, the ex from High School that still says hi from time to time and brings up moments you shared.. ). It was very therapeutic for both of us and something we did together. I recommend it for ALL couples!

Back to the national "unfriend day". This was started by Jimmy Kimmel last year on his late night show when he urged his viewers to do a little Facebook spring cleaning. He even created a video cartoon for it called “It’s National UnFriend Day Charlie Brown”.

So, will you participate in this? How many "friends" do you suppose you'll delete?