What if their was a website you could go to, that would help you avoid getting sick? Well, in this day and age of social networking why wouldn't there be such a site. Imagine this: It would be like turning on your favorite radio station to hear the latest news or hopping on the net to check out the weather instantly. Now their is a new social tool that wants to tell you whether or not your community or neighborhood is ailing. Call it your personal "social health network" Sickweather shows hotspots of unwellness on a map around your own location and help you stay informed so you can take the necessary precautions.


Sickweather uses publicly available data to map it and make it available for the rest of us. The social health network also throws in volunteered information by users who report their own health problems directly on the site.

Now if I just get a hot bowl of soup and some OJ while I check out Sickweather, that would be great.