It's Ice Cream made just from frozen fruit! AND IT'S AMAZING!


I'm sold! My mom has been telling me about this new appliance she ordered from QVC for weeks now. Finally yesterday, I was able to try some of this "ice cream" she has been bragging about. WOW. It was amazing. It was creamy and delicious and it was made completely from frozen fruit. No sweeteners, no milk, just frozen fruit. She made ours with frozen banana, strawberries and mango. I was so impressed that I went home and ordered one for my home. Here is a quick instructional video so you can see how it works.


How much are they? You can get them at Target or order online at QVC or Amazon for $49.99. What a healthy alternative for your sweet tooth!


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This week I have decided to take control of my health. I have been juicing and doing yoga each morning before work. And now I have an option for something sweet when those cravings hit me at night. :)

I'm joining the Yonana craze, how about you? :)