This morning we talked about 13 year old Mallory Keivman. She's invented a cure for the hiccups!

Mallory had a bad case of hiccups a couple of years ago. So,  she swallowed saltwater (Yuck), ate spoonfuls of sugar, drank glasses of water upside down and even sipped pickle juice (double YUCK!)

Almost two years and 100 attempted folk remedies later, the 13-year-old is preparing to lead a team of M.B.A. students from the University of Connecticut in building a company that can bring her invention — Hiccupops, or hiccup-stopping lollipops — to market this summer.

Everyone has their own remedy for hiccups. We asked our listeners on the Kicker Facebook page what works for them.

We got some great responses!

Linda Cavanagh: "My daughter swears if u say hippopotamus after the first one they will stop, says it always works for her."

Shannon Lishman: " Think of what u can buy with .50 cents, that's suppose to take ur mind of the hiccups??? That has worked a time or two cause what in the world can u buy nowadays for .50 cents???"

Julie Thomas:  "I learned this off of a medical show and it has worked every time for me..put pressure with a finger on lower part of your neck they say it puts pressure on your diaphram and stops the spasms. Its the fastest cure I have found." (Julie clarified for us, that it's the front of the neck at the collar bone, where it dips.)

Sondra Crowell wrote,"I offered my kids a dollar for everyone they could give me after that one...Worked like a charm..."

Here are a few others:

Do you have a special cure for the hiccups? Go ahead and tell us on the Kicker Facebook page!