Many years ago my parents would tell me stories about how they used to go to the movies to see "The Lone Ranger" starring Clayton Moore. Back in those days "The Lone Ranger" with his faithful sidekick Tonto played by Jay Silverheels was a super hero to many kids of all ages.Through the years the popular TV Theme has become a staple in sporting events all around the world especially basketball games.

Now it looks like "The Lone Ranger" will make it back to the silver screen in a major motion picture. Armie Hammer who starred in the movie The Social Network has been cast as the masked rider in the Disney version. and it's reported that Johnny Depp will put away his dreadlocks to play The Lone Ranger's faithful companion Tonto.

Filming should begin soon and no release date has been set for the classic movie re-make.

(you tube/houghsvideos)