There's a feature in the current issue of "Elle" magazine about female singers.  HILLARY SCOTT is one of them.  (Others include Stevie Nicks, Gwen Stefani, Adele, Aretha Franklin, Feist and Jennifer Hudson.)

They asked Hillary to describe the massive appeal of LADY ANTEBELLUM'S songs.  Here's what she said, quote, "There aren't a ton of people in this country who will understand songs about riding a tractor through a pasture.

"But when it comes to falling in love and out of love and getting your heart broken, there's no way you can't understand what the song's about."

By the way, gentlemen... you might want to crack open that magazine if it's lying around the house because it has THE hottest photo of Hillary I've ever seen.

I'd pay admission just to see her walking around in those super high-heels. 
(You can check it out here.)

(Ladies, when was the last time you wore super-sexy high heeled-shoes?  Was it business or pleasure?  And if it was pleasure, can you comment further?)