Hog fans, desperate for a big name coach, serenade ESPN's Jon Gruden to the tune of the Beatles "Hey Jude".

Good job guys!

Back in April, I heard from several sources that the UA had reached out to Gruden, but I really never seriously thought it would happen. I'm still skeptical, but there sure is a lot of smoke out there right now. CBS Sports is reporting that Arkansas and Tennessee are both interested in his services and he's been making calls possibly working on building a staff. What's interesting is they're reporting he's asking questions an NFL coach wouldn't ask on topics such as recruiting.

To me, it would make more sense for Gruden to come to Arkansas than Tennessee (I realize I'm biased though). For one, Tennessee was just hit with another two years of NCAA sanctions (thanks to a member of Lane Kiffin's staff and no fault at all of the former coach), where Arkansas doesn't have those issues. Tennessee JUST fired their head coach and Arkansas has been without a coach since April. Makes sense to believe Arkansas talked to Gruden first.

Stay tuned. We should find out next week!