Remember the cool video that went viral last year of the Halloween lights synchronized to LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem'?

The creator of the light show is Kevin Judd and he's been programming cool light shows at his Riverside, California home since 2006. But this year, his home is dark after other members of the Home Owners Association complained and new rules were written forbidding his elaborate displays.

In a statement on his web site, Judd says:

We live in a HOA community. Unfortunately there are a few neighbors in the community that didn’t like the display we created. The display drew in thousands of people each night. We would say for the most part, the visitors were kind and respectful ... very family oriented, but with that many people also comes a few problems. Trash, blocking driveways and damage to property ... aka stepping on flowers and lawns. Plus the traffic though-out the streets was a nightmare. Also with the added craziness of LMFAO Kia Commercial which put more fuel on the fire. Oh and to the contrary, we did not receive a Kia Car or anything like that which many speculated. LMFAO wanted to film a commercial at our home…how could we say no?? If they wanted us to pay them, we would have :-)

We have been putting on shows for several years in the same community and many of our neighbors would come out to watch every night. It’s a shame that some of those same neighbors in the community now do not wish the display to remain. We were taken by surprise and unprepared for the amount of people that shows up ... lining up at 2 pm in the afternoon when the show didn’t start until 7:30 pm.
Well, all good things come to an end. The HOA issued a new set of “Holiday Display” rules on behest on the few that complained. Basically the new rules shut us down because the display to too “extreme”. We feel the rules only apply to us and no one else, but it’s across the board so we can’t argue that point. We were in talks with the city to work out a plan to make the show run smoother and not be a burden on the neighbors like traffic control, porta-potties, trash collectors, police presents, etc. Now none if it is needed.

Bummer. I understand his fellow HMA members concerns, but one would think that their concerns could be addressed and dealt with without pulling the plug on the show entirely.

Oh well, we always have last years video to watch.