So, you've got a sweet conversion van and you need to make some money, What do you do? Advertise rental rates on Craigslist, surely nobody would suspect MURDER!

You would be right to suspect that it is something weird, but once you look a little deeper you will see this is just some kid, trying to get by living the beach life and needs a hand to do it. Here's what he has posted at Craiglist...

Been soaking up amazing wrightsville beach, I'm 28, been looking for work, have a lot of room in van to offer for a night or few to budget beach bums like me

Has full bed, you would have it to yourself I'd sleep in one of the chairs, plenty of places to park around here walking distance to beach, 24 hour Harris teeter, shit ton of places to remain civilized

Asking $40/night, $60 for couple, would make deal for a few nights.

I'm chill, trustworthy just tryin to make few bucks if I can. Text or call. Thanks

If you don't need place to crash but you're in market for massage or need odd job help and you can pay at least $50, feel free to contact me.

photo via Craigslist

Seriously, would a cold blooded murderer take this much care to keep his lair clean?

via Craigslist