Schools concerned with "grinding" really don't need to have chaperons out on the dance floor with rulers making sure kids maintain six inch separation to stop this problem.

No, what they need to do is simple. Come up with the extra money to hire competent DJ's.

A competent DJ understands that the music needs to be broken up and you can't just sit and crank out one hard rap song after another.

They can read the energy in the room and understand that from time to time the dance floor needs to be cleared to bring the energy back down.

They're constantly watching the dance floor for problems and know how to deal with them when they arise.

They know how to handle those kids who act like their night is ruined because the DJ won't play the latest profanity laced rap song they want to hear.

Anyone can download a bunch of illegal music and fill up a hard drive with low quality garbage, buy a couple of speakers and call themselves a DJ. These people are a dime a dozen and most of them are just out there to make a quick buck and could care less about anything else. If schools really want to curb the "grinding" problem, yet still give the students a fun experience, they'll spend a little more time researching the DJ's they hire and find a way to come up with the extra money to hire a competent one.