If you're single, then you're fully aware of the S.A.D. holiday coming up . . . Single's Awareness Day.  Well, we've got five things you can do on Monday instead of sulking about being single.

#1.)  Treat Yourself.  Go to a spa and get a massage or a manicure.  Or go out and buy those nice shoes you've been waiting to pull the trigger on.  Obviously, this one's for all the single dudes out there.  (???)

#2.)  Have a Party.  Invite all your single friends over . . . get some cocktails, appetizers, and music going . . . and make the night memorable by taking it easy with your close friends.

#3.)  Go To a Party.  It's the same idea behind having a party, minus the cleanup.  Just make sure before you go that it's NOT going to be a couples thing.

#4.)  Have a Night On the Town.  Head out to a fun dive bar with your single friends and have some drinks, shoot some pool, and maybe strike up a few conversations with other people in the process.

#5.)  Do the Usual.  Go about your routine, and it'll feel like just another regular day.  Go to work, hit the gym, go home, and enjoy your dinner while watching your favorite shows on TV.

Before you know it, it'll be February 15th and nothing will have changed.  What a concept.